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Terms and Conditions


The students enrolled with JUDICIAL DISHA (herein after referred to as ‘institute’) are mandatorily required to follow the below mentioned terms and conditions without any exceptions or deviations, failing which strict disciplinary and legal action will be taken including expulsion from the institute.


Students shall pay the fee or any other dues to the institute at the time of admission only or on or before the due dates in case of instalments, as the case may be, for any of the courses or services to be availed as per the information provided by the institute from time to time at various places including the website of the institute www.judicialdisha.com or by any of its authorized representatives. The fee structure for such courses and /or services is liable to be changed without any notice by the institute.

The fee and other dues payable to the institute by the students or any other person on their behalf shall be paid in the following three modes only:

  1. Online Payment: Through the payment gateway available on the website of the institute www.judicialdisha.com.
  2. Demand Draft: Through a Demand Draft / Pay Order / Banker’s Cheque in favour of “JUDICIAL DISHA” payable at New Delhi.
  3. Instant Electronic Transfer into Bank Account: By way of ECS / NEFT / RTGS or any other mode of instant bank transfer of money into the credit of the notified bank account of the institute.

Instant Electronic Transfer into Bank Account: By way of ECS / NEFT / RTGS or any other mode of instant bank transfer of money into the credit of the notified bank account of the institute.

Note 1: All payments to the institute shall be made through any of the above-mentioned three modes only for which a printed receipt, either in physical form or computer generated, by the institute shall be issued (All payments receipts will be subject to realization of the due amount of money into the bank account of the institute only).

Note 2: Students who fail to pay the fee instalments or any other dues to the institute on or before the due dates or within the due dates specified by the institute shall not be allowed to attend the classes or avail any of the prescribed services of the institute without any further notice.

Admission fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.


Each student will be issued an Identity Card by the institute on payment of full fee and other dues. The entry of the student into classes and the premises of JUDICIAL DISHA will be allowed only with the Identity Card. For attending the classes, students are requested to collect their ID cards from admission department before the commencement of the batch.

If the ID card or fee receipt of the student is lost or misplaced then NO duplicate ID card or fee receipt will be issued to the student.


The batch or centre, once allotted at the time of admission, will not be changed. Hence, students are advised to discuss batch timings, batch commencement dates, venue and other details with the counsellors or other authorized persons of the institute and accordingly join suitable batches as per the convenience.

Batches will not be changed from regular to weekend or vice versa.

Students enrolled under classroom courses will not be transferred or shifted to any other program/course.


Students must attend the classes and Test Series regularly in their assigned batches and as per the scheduled time table only. Students will be solely responsible for their absenteeism from classes/Test series. In case of absenteeism, permission to attend missed classes, in other batches, is subjected to the discretion of management and availability of seats, and it is not mandatory for institute to provide backup of missed classes.

In case of absence in the Test Series, no separate question papers will be issued to the students.


Students are advised to adhere to strict discipline and sincerity with in the premises of the institute. If anyone is found contravening any rules such as misbehaving with the staff of the institute or classmates, fighting, resorting to any act of physical violence or verbal abusing, inappropriate offensive gestures, blocking seats, damaging property of the institute or any other illegal activity, the management of the institute reserves the right to debar the student from attending the classes and strict legal action will be taken against the student.

Batch venue and timings are subject to periodic changes as per the availability of faculties and classrooms.

Classes can be extended on week days and public holidays for weekend batches; class timings can be extended for regular batches in order to complete the syllabus on time.

Students are only responsible for the safety of their vehicles and other belongings and institute shall not be responsible for any loss or damage.

The Institute reserves the right to alter or carry out any changes in its programs, fee structure, faculty, venue of classes without any prior notice to anybody. However, every possible endeavour will be made by the institute to notify such changes to the students in an appropriate and convenient manner. The decision of the Institute shall be final and abiding.

If there is any change in the syllabus during the course, the institute will make all the possible efforts to cover the revised syllabus. However, it will not be mandatory or binding upon the institute


All the study materials, test series, lectures in written form, notes, journals and books produced by the institute etc., in written as well as audio-visual forms, provided to the students shall carry the copyright and other intellectual property rights of the institute exclusively and any violation or infringements by the students or anyone else shall make them liable for appropriate legal and other civil / criminal action under the applicable laws by the institute. This will also include any such infringement either with the connivance or negligence of the student and such student shall also be liable for the legal action as an abettor or accomplice.


The online contents and other material both audio as well as videos made available to such a student shall be the sole proprietary content of the institute. Any false representation of facts during admission or misuse of proprietary content including downloading and sharing of this content in the public domain will lead to cancellation of admission, penalties and also attract legal action as per laws in force.

NOTE:These terms and conditions are subject to any changes or modifications at the sole and exclusive discretion of the Institute and will not be liable for any challenge by any person before any authority or the Court of law.